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Gold Investing Outlook, Dollar In A Bubble?

Gold Investing Outlook, Dollar In A Bubble?

This daily gold and news report is brought to you by the Junius Maltby Channel. Join the news and conversation here! Tonight is the State of the Union Address, be sure to tune out of that and do something useful, like try to smell the number 9.

13 Responses to Gold Investing Outlook, Dollar In A Bubble?

  1. nice video dude. I got a lot of gold coins when the price was £750oz (UK),
    now its £853 and going up slow and steady, so looking forward to the
    profits ;)

  2. Thanks Again Mr. Maltby. In the past I would think of the U.S.A., its
    people and its debt ( the U.S. Dollar ) as ” I will gladly pay you on
    Thursday for a cheeseburger today. But now my thoughts have morphed into ”
    I will gladly hand the bill to my children and grandchildren to pay on
    Thursday for a trillion cheeseburgers today. 

  3. Hey Junius, how about a video on the the fast aproaching Greek general
    election (25th Jan) and the fact that the new, radical Syriza Party are
    odds on to win. They are anti austerity and are vowing that if they win the
    current arrangement will not stand. The possibilty of a Greek default has
    everyone panicking in Euroland, i dont know if it is being reported in the

  4. Ya Know that’s a great point. Gold is around 1300$, and the USD is at huge
    highs of 93….. Now conventionally speaking when the dollar index receives
    a hit USUALLY Gold trends in the opposite direction. Soooo. You make a
    good point. Gold and silver are at good levels, so any crisis will only
    project them to even better levels.

  5. I think with all these countries wanting ther physical gold back in there
    hands and vaults are going to make the paper gold people a little nervous,
    you might say…