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Make Money Investing In Dividend Stocks

Make Money Investing In Dividend Stocks

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So, if you want to make real money and secure your future you need to think about INVESTING in good, steady dividend stocks that spin off a decent dividend payment. Then you need to reinvest the dividends into buying more shares.

This isn’t rocket surgery, it’s just good planning. The younger you are the better this will work for you. This is a LONG TERM situation. Think about your retirement and your future! No one else is going to care about you when you’re old and smelly!!!

DISCLAIMER: Investment involves risk and ANY actions you take are entirely at YOUR OWN RISK and Kinghuman accepts no responsibility for any actions you take. It’s entirely up to you to do your own research. I make no guarantees of ANY kind.



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25 Responses to Make Money Investing In Dividend Stocks

  1. I definitely want to get into dividend stocks soon. I’m very interested in
    joining a drip program to reinvest those dividends back to buy more
    fraction of the shares. I know Kelloggs offers a drip program and very
    likely it will be my first dividend investment. 

  2. Great video, I bought AXP at the 52 week low, about 2 weeks ago and it’s up
    about 5% I think. Nothing compared to your 20% KH! Is there any chance you
    could do a tutorial video about how you find these stocks? Great video

  3. Have you considered doing talks at schools (if you haven’t already?) you
    could probably make a bit of extra cash from it AND teach younger kids
    valuable information to get them on the right track. I wish they thought
    things like THAT back in my day, but the internet was only really just
    starting for me as well.

  4. Protip:

    Use morning star to check rating of stocks

    Use vangaurd to purchase stocks

    don’t listen to youtubers giving stock advice


  5. So where is your follow up on SAM? I’m currently in negative around $200CAN
    .. Ty KH..

  6. Only 7000$!!!! Thats enough man! I hope i can just make 1000 or less. Hope
    u make more

  7. I’ve actually been researching about dividends for a while now. Looks very
    promising. So far I’ve stuck with mutual funds but hopefully I can get some
    nice dividend stocks as well, the hard part is choosing though. Is it best
    to go with big well known companies with average yields? Or smaller
    companies with higher dividend yields?

  8. hey kinghuman i recently subscribed to your stock flipping newsletter, and
    although it said whenever you find a good stock you send out the
    newsletter, i was wondering if you have an average amount of time to when
    you send out new stocks? Or if you still are involved with the newsletter?

  9. Hey King, great video. Keep it GOING

    Whats up with that trading 212 app? U heard about that?