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S&P 500 2012 Technical Analysis Trends SPX Puts vs Calls

S&P 500 2012 Technical Analysis Trends SPX Puts vs Calls S&P 500 2012 Technical Analysis Trends SPX Puts vs Calls. In this live weekend training video, we’ll cover weekly trends on the (SPX) and the current support and resistance levels for 2012.

Stocks looked like they were headed for a long-awaited pullback this week but the “high frequency trading” robots came in and “bought the dip”.

With only a minor pullback we’ll cover current support and upper resistance levels on all major “us equity markets” and what to look for as we finish up the first quarter of 2012. Friday also marked the three-year anniversary of the S&P 500’s plunge to a 12-year low, a move that was followed by a sharp rally. The S&P 500 still is up 102 percent from that low.


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