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The Best Penny Stock Pattern On The Stock Market Right Now (OCTOBER 2017)

The Best Penny Stock Pattern On The Stock Market Right Now (OCTOBER 2017)

This is the best pattern on the penny stock market right now, and I show you exactly how to trade it!


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Hey everyone! Tony Ivanov here yet again with another daily video lesson to recap the market action of today, October 6th, 2017. Today’s video lesson will cover multiple penny stock runners such as $MTCB, $LINU, $CYTX, $CAPR, and $NAK as they all made noticeable moves for penny stocks.

$MTBC was a classic penny stock runner as it did the common u-shape breakout pattern from the morning, this has been a consistent pattern that has been working over and over again in the penny stock market and its truly crazy that more people aren’t moving into this market to make some nice profits. It eventually reached a high of .50 which is absolutely insane so congratulations to whoever was able to lock in some nice profits on that penny stock.

Next up is $LINU as it made over a 100% gain which is pretty common for penny stocks, especially in this insane bull market that we’ve been in for the past 8 years. $LINU had some phony news article that basically just covered the sector that the penny stock is in, but for some reason it brought the penny stock a whole lot of volume and caused it to the best pattern right now which is a U-shaped breakout. It did it over and over again and I’m truly sad that I was too focused on $CAPR because this is my go to play and I would have profited nicely off of it. Oh well, because my student was able to lock in 0 profit so shout out to you guys!

$CYTX was nailed by one of my top students Ken, hes been absolutely killing it lately in the penny stock market, commonly seeing gains of over 100% so please give him a round of applause. he nailed penny stock $CYTX from .45 all the way up to .85!

$NAK was another classic pattern breakout but it just has such a huge float , 250 million shares to be exact. It’s also tied to commodities which I don’t really like to play because they act much differently than penny stocks, and I only trade what I can understand. It still made a noticeable 10% move and some of my students made profits on that trade so good job to you guys!

I hope you guys study up this weekend because we should have a very volatile week coming up. We do have Columbus day on Monday, so if you have unsettled funds, they will not settle on Monday as the Federal Reserve is closed. I will give out alerts in the morning however I will have no funds to trade with so don’t expect me to be on the market all day.

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